Ronin 2

The Ronin 2 3-axis stabilizer is the new workhorse of the gimbal world. Seamlessly move from your jib, to handheld, back to your car mount, without ever removing your camera from the gimbal. The Ronin 2 allows you to painlessly balance practically any compact zoom or large prime. Whether it’s the Fuji 19-90, Angenieux EZ Zooms, or Master Anamorphics easily mount your FIZ motors and you’re off to the races.

  • – Includes 4 TB50 Batteries (Compatible with Inspire 2 Drone)
  • – Includes DJI Joystick controller
  • – Clean builds come easy. With wiring completely integrated into the gimbal, power and SDI port included on Ronin 2 Power Module.
  • – 30lb max payload






Daily $700

Weekly $2100

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