LiteMat Spectrum 4

The LiteMat Spectrum 4 offers the same output as the plus series but now with full and beautiful RGB control.  Gold Mount Battery plates included. 40-degree fabric Snapgrid control grids available for each unit.

  • -Optional Accessories: DOP Choice 40-degree control grid
  • -Dimensions: 21”X 40”
  • -Weight: 6.3 lbs
  • -Tint control plus magenta or green


  • Includes:
    (1) LiteMat Spectrum, Head
    (1) LiteMat Gold Mount Battery Plate
    (1) LiteMat PolySkirt
    (1) LiteMat Diffuser Set, Quarter, Half, and Full “Grid”
    (1) LiteMat Parasquare Louver
    (1) LiteMat LiteMount
    (1) LiteMat KitBag
    (1) LiteDimmer Spectrum DC200, 200W DC Ballast
    (1) LitePower Supply, 250W
    (1) PDX Head Extension, 25 Feet
    (1) Power Supply holder, kMount




Daily $250

Weekly $750

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