ZEISS Supreme Primes cover an image area up to 46.3 mm diagonal. They are incredibly small, lightweight and fast.

Front Diameter 95mm  // PL Mount

  • -18mm T1.5 (114mm front)
  • -21mm T1.5
  • -25mm T1.5
  • -29mm T1.5
  • -35mm T1.5
  • -40mm T1.5
  • -50mm T1.5
  • -65mm T1.5
  • -85mm T1.5
  • -100mm T1.5
  • -150mm T1.8 (114mm front)


When using the Supreme Primes on an Alexa Mini (S35 sensor) the focal lengths are the same equivalent lengths you’re accustomed to.  When shooting on large format sensors (Alexa LF, Sony Venice, RED Monstro) the equivalents are approximately 1.5X wider.  From a 24mm wide sensor (Alexa 2K) to 36.7mm sensor (Alexa LF-opengate), the multiplication = 1.529.  The exact number depends on which sensor and the area of the sensor you are using.  To calculate equivalent focal lengths use the following formula:

a = 2 * arctan(.5 * F / f)

Where a is the Angle Of View, F is the film-back size and f is the focal length (with F and f in the same units).  Here’s 1.5X with some rounded numbers below for quick reference.

  • 18mm= 12mm
  • 21mm= 14mm
  • 25mm= 17mm
  • 29mm= 19mm
  • 35mm= 23mm
  • 40mm= 27mm
  • 50mm= 33mm
  • 65mm= 43mm
  • 85mm= 57mm
  • 100mm= 67mm
  • 150mm= 100mm

Daily $300/LENS

Weekly $900/LENS

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