4×5.65 Revar Cine Rota Pola

The Revar Cine Rota-Tray 4×5.65/138mm with Circular Polarizer is a geared filter tray designed and manufactured in the USA from aircraft grade aluminum and poly materials to interface with the latest 4X5.65 matte boxes on the market today.   Commonly referred to as a RotaPola, RotoPola, or Rota-Pola, this geared tray allows for a use of a common 138mmm unmounted circular Polarizer in a rectangular 4X5.65 tray.

  • -Reduce glare and unwanted reflections
  • -Saturate colors
  • -Deepen blue skies
  • -Improve contrast
  • -Penetrate haze

Daily $25

Weekly $75

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