Anton Bauer Cine VCLX Block Battery

The 560w CINE VCLX-CA dual voltage block battery provides dual simultaneous outputs via the Lemo-8 connector (20 amps @14.4v (288w); 12 amps @28v (336w)). There is an additional XLR-3 (28v) and XLR-4 (14.4v) jack also available.

You can power a camera, monitor, or light for most of the day without being tied to a wall outlet.

  • -Weight: 25 lbs
  • -560w
  • -REALTIME display
  • -4-Pin XLR to RED Epic Lemo cable included
  • -4-Pin XLR to XLR cable included
  • -VCLX Charger and charging cable included


Daily $100

Weekly $300

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